Industrial is a parquet flooring suitable for environments subject to intense demands for his great qualities of strength, making it virtually indestructible. Characterized by different shades of color and grain through the assembly of each strip, is now used by the most famous architects and designers for the construction of private homes, where furnishes with originality and warmth.



Industrial is a set of elements in solid wood of small dimensions, which together with each other, were as rectangular tiles ready to be implemented. The decision to implement Industrial selecting from the many wood species both European and exotic, those with major features of stability and hardness, gives this elegant collection a great strength and a long duration. Appreciated by architects and design interiors, is used even in residential area and due to its high qualities of resistance it is ideal for all high traffic areas: commercial areas, show rooms and sports facilities. In addition to ensuring a good sound insulation, the thickness of the upper panels Industrial permits to renew the floor several times with a light sanding will make it like new.