Horm tables, worked exclusively in solid oak, are the result of careful selection of raw materials. Combined with the technique completely artisanal production, Horm collection make a product unique and inimitable, capable of giving warmth and forever natural environments. The oak used for the production of tables Horm course is first seasoned, then dried in special kilns where it reaches a perfect gradient wet which makes it ready to be part of the professional. Horm The table is produced in two different formats. The first, large, reaching 240 cm in length with a width between 12 and 20 cm and a thickness of 21 mm. The second format, is processed with dimensions up to 120 cm in length, a width between 7 and 12 cm with a thickness of 14 mm.

You can choose between a fixed width, or fit together the three widths to have an effect even more original.

Horm is finished with three different techniques of aging in accordance with the ancient craft traditions:
. Havana: the individual tables are brushed, hammered and aged by hand.
. Shade: The tables are hand brushed and serrate.
. Atmosphere: The tables are not uniform chamfer on the edges.

After the aging process, the elements are subjected to the cycle and oiling pigmentatura performed by hand, table to table. The focus of the rituals and craftsmanship make Horm collection a technically perfect product.